Sanyo Microwave Repair

Updated February 21, 2017

The Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd, headquartered in Osaka, Japan, is a division of Panasonic, and it offers consumer electronics. Sanyo offers different types of microwave ovens, including oven and grill combination units. Repair minor problems with your microwave to save money. Do not, however, attempt major repairs. Microwaves are dangerous to fix if you do not have the proper training.

Not Starting

If your Sanyo microwave oven won't start, check that you have completely closed the oven door and that the oven is plugged directly into an outlet. Do not plug another appliance on the same circuit as the microwave oven as this decreases the power available to your microwave. Your microwave may not start if the input power is decreased. Verify that you have selected a cooking setting and not a timer setting. Check your home fuses, and replace if any blown. Reset your circuit breaker if necessary. If these don't resolve the issue, you may have a problem with your door. Replace the door.

Foods Not Cooking Properly

Always defrost food before cooking it in the microwave to reduce cooking time. Occasionally stop the microwave, and stir or turn foods to ensure that they cook evenly. Select a power setting appropriate for your foods to avoid over- or undercooking your foods. Only use microwave-safe cookware. Examine the oven ventilation ports, and clean if dirty. Do not block these vents. If your microwave sounds normal, but food is heating, you may have an internal circuitry or magnetron issue. Contact an authorised Sanyo service technician. If the microwave has issues off and on, you may have an issue with certain connections. Contact a technician.

Turntable Issues

If your Sanyo microwave turntable is not turning of if it's making a noise, clean the turntable, wheel and carousel (plastic component on which the turntable sits). If the floor of the microwave is dirty, clean this as well. Verify that you have correctly positioned the turntable on the carousel. If the carousel still won't turn, unplug the microwave, and remove the carousel and the floor of the microwave. Examine the carousel motor. If it's burnt out or corroded, replace it.

Additional Issues

Clean off spills as soon as they happen as these can cause both odours and arcing. Arcing is mini-lighting in your microwave caused by food and liquids. Never use non-microwave safe dishes in your microwave, including cookware with silver or gold lining. This causes sparking. Arcing and sparking can burn your microwave interior. Sand down the interior, and cover the spots with microwave paint. If the waveguide is burnt, replace it. The microwave normally makes noise and releases steam during the cooking process. The display normally flickers. If this flickering, however, interferes with the cooking process, contact a technician.

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