Carpenter Cake Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

When you are preparing a birthday cake or a cake for another occasion for someone who works as a professional carpenter, or who simply likes carpentry as a hobby, consider baking a cake that reflects that passion. You have many options for creating a carpentry-themed cake.

Circular Saw Cake

Make a cake decorated with a circular saw detail. Bake two round cakes and stack them with a layer of frosting between them. Frost the cakes with frosting in the colour of your choice, or a colour that coordinates with the rest of the party. Fill a pastry bag with silver or grey frosting and pipe a circular saw shape on the top of the cake. Circular saws are round saws with jagged edges. When you have the shape piped onto the cake, fill in the cake with the silver or grey frosting. Sprinkle shiny silver sugar onto the circular saw shape so that it looks like shiny metal.

Tool Figurine Cake

Use tool figurines to decorate a sheet cake. Bake a cake in the shape and size that is fitting for the event. Frost the cake in the colour of your choice. Find small plastic tool figurines at a toy store or online. Wash them thoroughly and allow them to dry completely. Then, place the tools all over the cake. Use different types of tools, such as hammers, screwdrivers, saws and drills.

Toolbox Cake

Top a cake with an edible tool box when you are baking a cake for a carpenter. Bake a large square or rectangular cake and frost it with white icing. Fill a pastry bag with brown frosting and fit it with a piping tip that is broad and flat. Pipe 2-inch long strips of brown frosting along the edges of the cake as a border. Fill a pastry bag with black frosting and fit a small, round tip into it. Place two black dots on either end of each brown frosting strip so that they look like planks of wood. Frost a miniature loaf cake with red frosting and pipe "Jack's Tools" on the front of the toolbox -- substituting the name of the birthday celebrant, of course. Place small plastic tools on top of it and then place the tool box on top of the sheet cake.


Cupcakes allow you to make a variety of individualised creations. Bake your favourite cupcakes and frost them in a colour that coordinates with the rest of the party's theme. Place frosting and a thin piping tip inside a pastry bag. Pipe tool shapes on top of each cupcake. For example, pipe a handheld saw on one, a hammer on another and a screw on another. Choose basic shapes that are easy to pipe.

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