Will a hair dryer fix swollen laminate flooring?

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Laminate flooring is relatively inexpensive and easy to lay. Further, it is durable in many circumstances. However, its weakness is water. You should mop up water spills -- and other liquid spills -- straight away to prevent the liquid penetrating the board.


According to Floors-2-Go, laminate flooring is made from a layer of wood composite with an image of wood grain stuck on top. Like chipboard, the wood composite is wood and other particles bonded together with adhesive.

Causes of swelling

Laminate flooring swells when it comes into contact with water for a prolonged period. This is because the water forces its way into microscopic air spaces between the wood particles and the glue, breaking the bond between them.

Using a hairdryer

Sadly, a hair dryer won’t fix swollen laminate flooring. It will help to dry the flooring if it is still wet. However, the swollen areas will not be repaired by the application of heat.

What can be done

You may be able to repair the damage, if it is not too severe or widespread. Remove an affected board to use as a test piece. Squeeze PVA glue deep into the swollen areas. Place a scrap of wood on each side to protect the board and tighten it in a G cramp. Leave it to dry. If this doesn’t work, remove all the affected boards and replace them with new boards.

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