Christmas Elf Costume Ideas

People dress up in elf costumes for holidays such as Christmas, Mardi Gras and Halloween. If you want to dress up like an elf you don't need to buy a costume, as you can make an elf costume with little to no craft skill. All you need to do is grab a few items from your closet and in no time you'll look just like one of these mystical creatures.


The main part of your elf costume is outfit, which you can make with an oversized green or red tunic. You can cut three large circles from felt in a contrasting colour and glue them in a line evenly spaced down the front of the tunic with fabric glue. Use a black fabric marker to draw four dots on each circle to make them look like giant buttons. Cinch the tunic at the waist with a belt or a piece of cord. You can also make your tunic more elflike by cutting the bottom edge so it's jagged or has V-shaped points all around.


You need to wear something underneath your tunic to cover your legs. You can wear leggings in a contrasting colour to your tunic. You could also wear tights in a contrasting colour. Patterned tights that are stripped like a candy cane also work. Consider what will be weather-appropriate when selecting bottoms for your elf costume. In cold temperatures you can also wear thermal underwear in a contrasting colour rather than wearing tights or leggings.


To make your elf costume look authentic you will need a hat. You can make an elf hat with felt and cardboard. Simply glue felt that matches your tunic in colour to a piece of cardboard. Bend the cardboard into a cone shape that fits snugly atop your head. Glue a feather in a contrasting colour to your elf hat. You can also use a beret with a feather glued to it for your elf cap.


To finish your elf costume you need your shoes. You can wear a black ballet flat or ankle boot. You can also choose a shoe in the same colour as your tunic. Attach craft bells to two safety pins and clip them to the centre toe or back ankle of your shoe.

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