Cute ideas on how to make anniversary cards

Updated March 23, 2017

Making anniversary cards, whether it is for your wedding anniversary, the anniversary of your first date together or the anniversary of a friend or relative, can make the card special and personal. A cute card made at home is not only less expensive, but also allows creativity and artistic natures to shine.

Simple Card

A simple card is one that anyone can make at home with minimal supplies and only a little artistic talent. For example, use card stock paper or construction paper and cover the front with hearts in various sizes or draw two linked hearts. A simple message such as "Happy 1st Anniversary" or "I met the love of my life four years ago" adds a sweet touch to a cute and simple card.

Picture Cards

Take the picture that you and your significant other or that the anniversary couple cherishes the most, such as a honeymoon picture or a picture of a special vacation, and use it to make a cute card. Make a card by folding card stock in half or cutting and folding construction paper to the preferred size. Cut out a hole in the middle of the front of the card in any preferred shape, such as a heart, a square or even an oval, depending on your preferences. Stick the picture to the inside so it shows through the front of the card. Decorate the front as preferred and add a personal anniversary message.

Printable Cards

For those less talented in artistic or craft endeavours, a printable card is an option. Printable cards are available online free of charge. Put appropriately sized-card stock paper in the printer and then print according to your chosen card's directions. For a black and white print out, simply colour the pictures as you prefer and write your message. For coloured pictures, you need only write a personal message.


For an anniversary, messages will vary depending on who the card is for and that person's preferences. For example, if your spouse is a fan of a specific sports player, allude to the player saying he or she is a hero on the court or field, but your spouse is your personal hero for life. For a more sensitive message, write a poem for your anniversary. It is creative, personal and cute. The message is the part that makes the card most personal and special for the individual.

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