Signs a Man Is Ready to Settle Down

Written by alice ladkin | 13/05/2017
Signs a Man Is Ready to Settle Down
A man may feel under pressure to settle down if his mates do first. (Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images)

Not knowing how your partner feels about your relationship is frustrating; even more so when you are committed and want to settle down. You want to find out whether he is ready for commitment or avoiding it, and with a few signs to look out for, you can.

Lack of Enthusiasm for Nights Out

Men who are ready to settle down lose enthusiasm for nights out. Lads' nights out and partying become less frequent; and he may complain that the pubs and clubs he used to love are full of youngsters, a sign that his drunken nights of fun have lost their thrill. The lack of enthusiasm shows a more mature outlook on life and that he is ready to settle down.

Showing Signs of Middle Age Spread

The development of a middle age spread or beer belly is a sign that he no longer craves the attention of other females and does not feel the need to impress them. He feels you are less likely to criticise his wobbly bits, meaning he is comfortable around you and more likely to consider a committed relationship.

Goes Through a Personal Trauma

A personal trauma, such as bereavement or serious illness, can affect his attitude toward settling down. His views on commitment mature and he will desire a more meaningful relationship. A traumatic event can change his way of thinking, making his fooling about with the lads and random pleasure-seeking seem trivial and silly.

His Friends are Settling Down

Guys often succumb to peer pressure, so chances are if his friends are settling down he will experience more pressure to do so himself. Seeing his mate walking down the aisle and changing his child's diaper is a wake-up call for him to mature and start thinking about settling down with you.

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