Funny Things to Write in an Anniversary Card

Updated April 17, 2017

Anniversary cards are often given from one romantic partner to another to serve as an expression of love and happiness. They are also an expression of personality as some cards are more romantic than others and some are more humorous. Deciding how to incorporate humour into the cards requires understanding the type of relationship you have with your partner and making the humour match your relationship's personality.

Inside Joke

Anniversary cards are most effective when the message is personal. Incorporating an inside joke that you share with your partner will evoke pleasant memories of past events and hopefully stir up boisterous laughter. For instance, if the way you met your partner was humorous and unusual, that might be an inside joke that you carried with you for many years.


If there are hobbies that both you and your partner enjoy, such as reading the comic strip section of the Sunday newspaper, consider incorporating that into the anniversary card. You can recycle an old favourite comic strip and place that into the card, or create your own if you are a skilled artist. Make the dialogue personal and use characters that are common to you both, such as the family dog or a new baby on the way. The comic scene could be a dialogue of what you hope to receive as an anniversary gift, a subtle hint at best, or a scene from last year's anniversary.

Cartoon Illustrations

Sometimes photos or drawings speak a thousand words. Replace words with a cartoon illustration to convey a humorous message. The message could be in code in which the recipient must find the relationship between several drawings to uncover the card's hidden message. If you have a favourite photograph that you find absolutely hilarious, attach that to the card and have little word bubbles coming from either the image or the character's mouth and write a message within the bubble.


Funny anniversary cards are sometimes made out of necessity. Consider your situation to see if you can find humour in it. For instance, if you were late delivering an anniversary card or you completely forgot about the anniversary date altogether, a message such as, "Hey, I didn't forget our anniversary, I'm just early for next year's anniversary!" would convey that perfectly, and you might even be forgiven.


If you have a gift for words, incorporating a little story of your hysterical history together might do the trick. If you always find yourselves in awkward situations or happen to always say the wrong thing at the wrong time, those moments may make for interesting stories for future children, grandchildren and anniversary cards. End the story with a thoughtful sentiment such as, "We may always be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but we will always be right for each other. Happy Anniversary!"

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