Ideas for a brownie girl scout slumber party

Updated April 17, 2017

Brownies are Girl Scouts who are in the second and third grade. Brownie troops meet regularly to engage in activities that encourage friendship, fun and a spirit of community. A sleepover for members of the Brownie Troop is an occasion where the girls can enjoy all of the elements of a traditional slumber party and at the same time, participate in activities designed around the Girl Scout theme.


Cut blank postcards into pillow shapes. Decorate the front of the pillows with brownie-themed stickers purchased through the Girl Scouts website or from retailers who sell scrapbooking supplies. Write the party details in the space used for the greeting on a postcard. Write the guests' addresses in the appropriate space. Add postage and mail.

Bake Brownies

What could be better to bake at this sleepover than brownies? Set your kitchen space with all of the ingredients and tools necessary to mix, bake, frost and decorate the brownies. Assign each girl a specific task such as gathering the ingredients, measuring, mixing, pouring the batter and timing the baking process. While some of the troop members are preparing and baking the brownies, have others set your kitchen table with several bowls of items with which to decorate them. Suggestions include frosting, sprinkles, coloured candies, crushed cookies and nuts. When the brownies have cooled, cut one square for each girl to decorate. Challenge the girls to get creative with their decorations. Give them cookie cutters with which to reshape their squares to spark inspiration.


Try-its are badges earned by Brownies upon the completion of four activities in one category. Incorporate an activity into the sleepover that will help the troop members earn one of their try-its. Introduce the girls to a new hobby to begin the quest for the hobby try-it. Have them put together a puppet show or play in pursuit of the Puppets, Dolls and Plays Try-it. If your girls are already in the midst of earning a specific try-it, plan an activity or two that will complete the requirement so they can go home with their new badge.

Backyard Campfire

The campfire has long been considered a traditional scouting activity. Build one in your backyard. Dig a safe fire pit or use a fire bowl if you don't have the space to safely light create a fire pit. The indoor fireplace is another option if weather or safety is a concern. Roast marshmallows, make s'mores and encourage the girls to make up their own campfire song or story.

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