Cool Ways for Teen Girls to Write in a Diary

Updated February 21, 2017

A diary enables a teenage girl to express her thoughts and feelings, organise her ideas and reflect on her life. According to the website Journal Buddies, writing in a journal or diary can also help a young woman build self-esteem a greater sense of self-worth. There is wide agreement that this in turn helps prevent problems like drug abuse.

Write to a Prompt

A prompt is a short sentence, phrase or suggestion that usually includes a topic specifically designed to encourage a person to write. For example, a prompt may involve a person's fears, an uplifting incident or even a topic from the newspaper. Writing to a prompt encourages daily writing even on days when nothing interesting happened. It also allows deep inner-thoughts and feelings to surface by recalling events that occurred before the diary was started. Prompts are available on websites like Creative Writing Prompts.

Shared Journaling

Teen girls who have several friends who also keep diaries may consider a shared journal that is passed around between friends. Entries are written -- and read -- by all the girls in the group. One writer might focus on the same event as a previous contributor or focus on something that occurred since that event. They could also respond to a previous entry. When participating in a shared journal project, teen girls should always keep in mind that they are sharing their thoughts and feelings with others in the group.

Dream Diary

Teen girls can write about their dreams when they wake up each morning. If you do not recall a dream when you rise, write about an idea or memory that occurred to you during the night. It is important to do this first thing in the morning when the dream or idea is still fresh. Once details of the dream are recorded, include thoughts, feelings and ideas inspired by the dream. Go back to the entry later in the day, perhaps after writing about the day's events. Review what you wrote about the dream and add new thoughts. Compare the original thoughts with the later thoughts for introspection and self-evaluation.

Special Events

When writing about a special event, include some scrapbooking items in the diary. For example, if you attended a concert of a favourite band, include the ticket stub in the diary and write a review. Add any pictures you may have taken before, during or after the show. Adding these items to the journal will distinguish the event from normal day entries and bring back memories when you read the diary at a later date.

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