Crime Scene Halloween Decorating Ideas

A crime scene can be a creepy addition to an area's Halloween decor, whether it's for a party or your cubicle at work. A few classic elements that depict a crime scene alert visitors as to exactly what they've stumbled into, and you can add some twists to the scene to make it even more fun.

Set the Scene

It's all in the details when you are setting the scene for a crime scene theme. Decorate the area with small details, such as dusty fingerprints added to a wall as if someone were dusting the area for evidence. Use a small paintbrush to add blood spatter on the walls for new level of creepiness; to protect your walls from permanent damage, tape white paper to the wall before adding the blood spatter. Overturn some furniture pieces in the room to make the scene look like as though violence took place there. Fill evidence bags with hair and other items that might be collected at a crime scene and scatter them around the room for added effect.

Classic Elements

Crime scene tape is a must, as is a chalk body outline. To create the outline, ask someone to lie down in your preferred "murder" area; trace around the body with white chalk. Position the body oddly to make it look as if the body was violently murdered. Stencil small tent cards made from yellow construction paper with numbers to make them look like evidence markers; arrange them around the body. If desired, consider adding bloody shoe prints leading from the body, and a pool of blood, if possible, to make the scene look even more real. For something really different, create a chalk outline of a victim no one would expect to see, like a moose or a camel; be prepared for your guests to stop and stare for a moment.


Serve doughnuts, the ever present police joke food, as your crime scene Halloween snack. Candy or gummy body parts, including fingers or eyes, and blood-coloured punch can also be used to add atmosphere. Arrange the treats in glass jars and drape crime scene tape around them, or write the word evidence on pieces of masking tape placed on their fronts. Chicken fingers served with a red sauce, breadsticks shaped like bones or any other food items resembling body parts can also be used.


Place a bloodied fake weapon near the body; for a truly violent scene, set out a chainsaw with some blood on it. Alternatively, a prop gun could be put in an evidence bag as if it were already collected. An unexpected item, such as a vase with blood on its base found in a pool of blood in the chalk body outline, makes for a different type of weapon and may lead to various reactions from your guests.

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