Samuel and Hannah Bible crafts for children

Updated February 21, 2017

Hannah was a woman in the Bible who prayed and prayed to have a baby. She promised that if God would give her a baby, she would give him back and allow him to work in the temple. Even though some people thought Hannah was crazy, that was exactly what happened. She gave birth to a little boy named Samuel. Make Bible crafts with your children to help them remember Hannah and Samuel.

God's promises

When God makes a promise, He always keeps it. He proved that when Hannah had a baby boy. Once Samuel went to live at the temple, each year Hannah would bring him new clothes to wear. Make a suitcase for the children to carry that holds many of God's promises. Make the suitcase out of a piece of craft foam. After making a suitcase template, cut out two pieces for each child, which can be stapled together along the bottom and the sides. Write out some of God's promises on slips of paper. The kids can choose which promises they want to keep in the suitcase.

Praying hands

Prayer is an important aspect of the Christian life and it is never too early to teach it to children. Help them make some praying hands to remind them of Hannah's prayer for a baby and also as a reminder to pray themselves. Each child should place a hand on a piece of construction paper and draw around it. They should keep their fingers together. They may need help with this depending on the age of the children. Fold the paper in half and cut out the hand shape, leaving the outside of the hand on the fold. The hands can then be opened and the children can write prayer requests on them.


Samuel was known for hearing and listening to the voice of God, even when he was a young boy. Teach the children that it is important to listen to others when they speak and also to God. Make puppets either out of socks or paper lunch bags. Have a variety of supplies nearby that the children can use to decorate their puppets, such as felt or foam pieces, glue, crayons, markers and buttons. When the puppets are completed, take turns listening to each puppet as he talks.

Helper's scroll

Samuel was a helper in the temple even though he was only a little boy. Have the children come up with ideas of how they can be helpers. Write down some of these ideas on a piece of paper. If the kids are old enough to write, allow them to do this themselves. Once you have written down several ways that children can be helpers, show them how to roll up the paper like a scroll, since the Bible was only written on scrolls during Samuel's time. Tie the scrolls with some twine.

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