Humpty dumpty crafts for preschool

Updated April 17, 2017

Humpty Dumpty is a classic children's nursery rhyme which provides many learning opportunities for young preschoolers. Teach the rhyme to your preschoolers while they are completing each craft. Young children love the story of Humpty Dumpty and will enjoy colouring, acting the story out with finger puppets and using glue and child-safe scissors.

Humpty Dumpty Coloring Pages

Humpty Dumpty colouring pages are the most basic preschool craft, but they do not have to be boring. Begin by instructing your preschoolers to colour in a page. Silver or white iridescent glitter may be used to add sparkle to Humpty's shell. The children may enjoy adding stickers to their colouring page or gluing on fun additions like pasta shapes, dried beans or cereal shapes.

Humpty Dumpty Finger Puppets

Printable Humpty Dumpty finger puppets are available. Have each child colour in the puppets and then use child-safe scissors to cut out Humpty and the King's men. Assist the child in taping the puppets to his fingers, Humpty on one hand, and the King's men on the other. After all of your preschoolers have their puppets ready, recite the poem together while the children act out the rhyme.

Construction Paper Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty provides an ideal opportunity to teach children about the oval shape. Demonstrate how to draw an oval, and point out to the children how the oval differs from the circle. Instruct your children to practice several large ovals. Pass out white or cream-coloured construction paper and have the children draw one large oval and then cut it out. Your children may then glue the egg shape to a blue background piece of paper. The children may then add eyes, ears, a mouth and nose to their Humpty Dumpty.

3-D Humpty Dumpty

This last craft will provide a three dimensional friend for each of your preschoolers. Purchase foam craft eggs from the craft store along with pipe cleaners and craft eyeballs. Instruct each child to glue the eyes onto the egg. Cut the pipe cleaners in half and demonstrate how to stick the pipe cleaners into the egg for arms and legs. The children may then use markers to colour a mouth and nose as well as clothing onto Humpty Dumpty.

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