Ideas for a father of the bride wedding speeches

Updated April 17, 2017

Traditionally, the father of the bride gives the first speech in a wedding. Its content includes welcoming and thanking the guests for coming, your feelings towards your newlywed daughter, your thoughts about your son-in-law, and a toast for the happy union of the two individuals. It can be difficult to put these views into writing without being sentimental. After all, giving your daughter away is an emotional event that can be hard for any father to deal with.

The Introduction

It is vital that you first introduce yourself in a concise manner. Remember, not all guests know who you are so make sure that you present yourself as the bride's father. Welcome the guests and heartily thank them for attending this celebration, especially those who have come from a great distance. Continue this with a short, humorous recollection on how you have come to know their relationship. Cite some beautiful moments that you have seen during their engagement and how sincerely grateful you are to see them happy together.

About the Bride

It is now time for you to deliver loving and earnest thoughts for your daughter. It is all right to be sentimental, as this will show the newly married couple and the guests how you truly love your child. It is important that you begin this part of your speech with compliments to the bride. You can say things like how elegant and beautiful she is, and how she lights up the whole place with her pretty smile. Stress how proud you are and how your relationship to her means a lot to you.

Accepting the Groom

This is when you start talking about your opinions about your new son-in-law. You can share some funny stories such as how you met him the first time and what were your first thoughts about the groom. You can also compliment him on how he rightfully treats your daughter, how his earnest ways earned your respect towards him, and how you genuinely see him as your son. This is also the perfect time to welcome him to your family.

The Closing Remarks

Your final remarks include sincere thanks for everyone who helped prepare the wedding. Make sure you include the clergyman, your wife, the entourage, the caterers, the video and photo staff, family members, friends and colleagues. Do not forget to thank all the people who financially helped you with this event. And lastly, make a toast for the newlywed couple by wishing them happiness and a relationship full of love and respect. You can do this by saying, "Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise, let us all raise our glasses, and join me in this toast for the newlywed couple ... I present you, (state the name of the bride and groom)."

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