Characteristics of Women in the Bible

Updated March 23, 2017

The Bible is full of the stories of men and women. The women in the Bible have strengths and weaknesses. The Bible shows examples of great women who any woman might aspire toward as well as examples of what a woman should try to avoid. By studying the characteristics of various women in the Bible, a woman can understand her place in God's plan.


Courage is one of the characteristics common to many women in the Bible. Esther showed courage when she called upon the king unannounced and risked her life to tell the king of her people's plights. When the king had Haman killed, her people were safe. Courage also was shown in the judge Deborah, who led the people of Israel against the Canaanites; and with the help of another woman, who was named Jael, Israel triumphed.


Faith is another of the common characteristics of the women in the Bible. Faith is shown in several women, including Mary and Ruth. In the case of Ruth, her faith in the words of Naomi led her to live a happy life and become one of the women who became an ancestor to Jesus. Ruth faithfully followed the advice of Naomi to end up with a husband and child. Mary is the woman who shows a tremendous amount of faith in God. Her faith led to the birth of Jesus and her continued faith protected her. She believed God, and when she conceived Jesus, she was confident that God would ensure their safety.


The women of the Bible are considered "virtuous" when they walked with God. A virtuous woman is the perfect helpmate of her husband. According to the website Devotional Reflections from the Bible, a virtuous woman is one her husband can trust, who does not compete with her husband, who helps her husband, who is not lazy or idle, who has kindness in her heart and wisdom in her words. The virtuous woman is the example of what a woman of the Bible should strive toward.

Weaknesses of Women in the Bible

Women of the Bible were not without flaws. The Bible also gives examples of what a woman should not be and the characteristics that a woman might have as a weakness. Among the weaknesses is curiosity, such as Lot's wife, who looked back and turned to a pillar of salt. Women also have the weakness of greed, as seen in Rachel who stole images. Jealousy and provoking others because of jealousy is another potential weakness in women of the Bible. Foolishness is another weakness. The woman who is not wise and virtuous is prone to foolish actions. Women in the Bible also were known for following the lead of their husbands, fathers or other men in their lives.

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