Types of Boring Tools

Written by loise kinyanjui | 13/05/2017
Types of Boring Tools
Drills are common boring tools. (Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Boring tools are used in construction, carpentry, metalwork and many industries to make holes in various materials. The various types of boring tools are classified mostly according to their different functions.

Metal-Boring Tools

Metal boring tools are used in metalwork and in the art. Metal-working applications include drilling holes during car manufacture, precision cutting and roof installation. Some artists, searching for more ways to express themselves, make excellent sculptures and other works using different metals. They produce high-quality using metal-boring machines, including hand drills, drill presses and lathes. Almost all of these tools require external power sources.

Post-Hole Tools

The clamshell posthole digger, a common tool, is useful for digging holes for fences, mailboxes and planting tasks. Augers, also used for boring holes in the ground, are available in gas-powered and vehicle-mounted types. These are usually used for industrial purposes or in cases where a large number of holes need to be dug.

Carpentry Tools

Carpenters bore holes in wood when making or repairing furniture. One of the most common tools is the hand drill. A hammer and a nail may also be used, but it is easier to use a hand drill. Carpenters may also use chisels for boring tasks, especially when decorating furniture.

Borehole Tools

These tools are used mostly to construct residential boreholes to help alleviate water shortages. They may also be used in remote areas and ranches, to provide water to surrounding areas.

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