How to Thin Melamine Paint for a Spray Gun

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Melamine paint is essentially liquid plastic. It is thicker than normal paint, and you'll need to thin melamine before you use it in a spray gun. Fortunately, the process isn't too complex, and even a first-time DIY painter can thin melamine.

For best results, you need to accurately measure your mixture and use the right type of paint thinner.

Measure your paint using liquid measuring cups, and pour the melamine paint into a clean bucket.

Read your spray gun's user manual to see if the manual gives thinning estimates for melamine paint. If your spray gun does not provide recommended thinning ratios, start small and gradually add more thinner. It's best to thin by only five per cent at first; you can always test the paint and add more thinner later if necessary.

Measure floetrol-based paint thinner using liquid measuring cups based on your ideal thinning percentage. To calculate how much floetrol you need, divide your raw percentage by 100, then multiply that number by your total paint quantity.

Mix the thinner and melamine paint together in the large bucket, stirring slowly with a paint stir stick for at least five minutes. If you stir too vigorously, you will inadvertently create air bubbles in the mixture.

Pour the mixture into your spray gun and test it on a piece of scrap. If the paint is too thick, it will come out in large droplets instead of a fine mist. Add more thinner as needed to get your ideal melamine paint consistency.