Flowers that Match Teal Best

Updated February 21, 2017

Teal is a colour that goes by many labels. Turquoise, aquamarine, blue-green and teal can be the same colour in lighter or darker shades. Finding fresh flowers in a teal hue can be challenging. One Heart Weddings website maintains that blue flowers are the most difficult monochromatic arrangements. Use shades of white and other complementary colours to coordinate with teal if you can't find teal flowers. Artificial flowers enable an exact colour match.

Contrasting Colors

The use of ivory, white, black or orange can fill out teal flower arrangements. When used in wedding colour schemes, black ribbons and lace can be a unifying colour that ties the teals in the wedding flowers to black tuxedos. White and ivory have many colour variations.

One Heart Weddings suggests that creamier whites, such as sand and ivory, reduce the sometimes overpowering shades of brighter teals. Ivory and white flowers are readily available as roses, daisies, lilies and many other fresh flowers and match the colour teal well. Orange shades are contrasting colours for teal on the colour wheel and can be used to make teal "pop".


Teal flowers are in the blue range of the colour wheel. Blue flowers range from pale white-blue to dark turquoise shades. One teal flower is the South American bromeliad, also called puya (Puya alpestris). Bromeliad flowers range from teal to dark turquoise.

The cape cowslip (Lachenalia viridiflora) is a member of the hyacinth flower family. This teal flower hails from South Africa and produces lush foliage in late summer and lovely teal blossoms in late fall. The sweet pea flower (Lathyrus odoratus) is a light turquoise coloured flower. There are many flowers that are various shades of blue that look teal when they are close to each other; some of these flowers are: morning glory (Convolvulaceae family), tulips, hibiscus (Malvaceae family), phlox, hydrangea, delphinium (Ranunculaceae family), Indian tobacco (Lobelia) and flax (Linum usitatissimum). Matching teals with other teals exactly can be a bit tricky, so using different teal flowers together requires a unifying foundation colour such as ivory or green.

Complementary Colors

Colours such as silver, different shades of grey and varying shades of purple or green are complementary to the colour teal. Foliage grows in many shades of green, including blue-green. Ivy and fern foliage creates a good foundation in a teal flower arrangement.

Use a colour scheme chart or a colour wheel to to find a colour that you feel looks good with the shade of teal you are using in your arrangement or project. Consider using ribbons, vases, containers, bows, papers and foils in complementary colours around teal flowers.

Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers made of fabric can be dyed to match ensuring that the whole batch of flowers is the same shade of teal. It may be more affordable to purchase artificial teal flowers than trying to buy enough fresh teal flowers to provide for a full wedding party or a large flower arrangement.

Artificial flowers are available in many colours, so it is possible to buy the same flower in teal, ivory and orange, if desired. Artificial flowers are made of paper, fibre fabrics such as felts, and plastics. Fabric flowers dipped in latex create a lifelike appearance.

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