Crafts to Make With Toilet Paper Rolls

Instead of throwing empty toilet paper rolls away, they can be recycled into a variety of creative crafts for kids. Empty toilet paper rolls can be used to make holiday gifts and decorations, as well as fun toys to entertain kids for hours.

Toilet Paper Roll Games

Paint five empty toilet paper rolls white and add a black stripe around the roll to represent bowling pins. Place them in a triangle formation and try to knock them down with a small rubber ball for a fun bowling game.

Use masking tape to tape together two toilet paper rolls end to end. Cut a hole approximately the diameter of the toilet paper tube in the bottom of a shoebox. Stick the toilet paper rolls in the box. Create rings slightly larger than the diameter of the rolls out of pipe cleaners. Throw the rings and try to land them on the toilet paper rolls in a game of ring toss.

Fun Toys

Make a pair of binoculars by stapling two toilet paper tubes together, side by side, and decorating them. Punch a hole in each side of the viewing end of the binoculars and tie yarn through them to make a handy strap.

On a piece of construction paper, create a log cabin out of toilet paper rolls. Glue two rolls sideways onto the paper for the base of the house. Stack two more rolls on top of each roll. In between the two stacks of toilet paper rolls, glue another roll upright for the back of the house. Cut out a house-shaped front for the log cabin using construction paper and glue it on.

Toilet Paper Roll Animals

To make an octopus, cut eight tentacles approximately halfway up the toilet paper tube. Roll each tentacle onto a pencil to curl the tentacles. Add eyes with a crayon or wiggly eyes and colour the octopus.

Make an adorable penguin by painting a toilet paper roll black. Glue a rectangular piece of paper to the middle to make the penguin's "bib." Add wiggly eyes and an orange beak. Glue black construction paper wings to the side and orange triangles to the bottom for feet.

Decorative Crafts

To make a fun party popper, centre a toilet paper roll onto two 12-by-12-inch squares of tissue paper. Tape one edge of the tissue paper onto the side of the toilet paper roll, then wrap the remaining tissue paper around the roll and secure it with tape. Tie one end of the tissue paper with ribbon, then fill the roll with small candies. Finish by tying the other end of the tissue paper with ribbon.

Toilet paper roll napkin rings can spruce up a table. Cut a toilet paper roll into four circles. Wind yarn around each of the circles and secure with a dab of glue for a set of napkin rings.

Holiday Crafts

Cut a toilet paper roll in thirds to make an Easter egg holder. Decorate the holder by painting it. Sit an Easter egg on top to complete the decoration.

For Christmas, paint a toilet paper roll red and green. Cut a piece of yellow construction paper in a teardrop shape. Glue the construction paper inside the top of the roll with the narrow end sticking up to make a child-friendly Christmas candle.

Create a Thanskgiving centrepiece by gluing two wiggly eyes and a small triangle beak onto a toilet paper roll. Cut three orange, two yellow and two red feather shapes out of construction paper. Beginning with orange, tape the feathers onto the back of the roll, alternating colours.

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