Theme ideas for a prom

Updated April 17, 2017

Prom holds such importance for most students that they usually tuck the memories away with other important school events such as a first crush, winning the state championship and high school graduation. If you find yourself on the prom organising committee, you might find it difficult to come up with fresh prom themes. When pondering ideas, consider your school decorating budget, supplies needed and how accessible decorations for any given theme will be.

Destination Theme

Focus on a faraway place like Africa or a not so faraway place like New Orleans. A Mardi Gras prom would lend itself to spectacular decorating colours. Girls and guys alike could wear glittery attire, bright beads and decorated masks. Arrange a Mardi Gras school parade a day or two before prom so that students not attending the prom can get involved, too.

Song Theme

Choose a song like "Saturday Night Fever," for instance. Then make arrangements to rent a disco ball for the prom and make sure your DJ has plenty of disco music on hand. Students can dress in '70s prom fashion or wear disco-style clothing. It might be a good idea to hold some student disco dance lessons during the week or two leading up to prom night.

Broadway Theme

Base your prom theme around a Broadway Musical such as "Cabaret" or "The Lion King." Build on the latter title by incorporating rainforest decorations like hanging vines and artificial trees. Use sturdy narrow vases filled with tall grass for centrepieces and consider getting a CD with jungle noises to play over the speaker system before the DJ sets up.

Tropical Theme

Maybe you can't go to Bora Bora or Hawaii for your prom, but it can come to you. Decorate Polynesian-style by using tropical flowers, bright colours and lei garlands. Create a grass hut-style bar for the beverage area. Though you may have to leave them unlit; tiki torches make great prom photo props. Serve fruity punch with edible flowers such as citrus blossoms floating on top and have a sundae-making centre complete with fresh pineapple and coconut.

Tips on Finding Prom Themes

The more people that are involved in coming up with a prom theme, the more ideas to select from. Ask the students in your high school for theme suggestions. You could even hold a contest and award free prom tickets to the winning student.

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