How does secret crush work on Facebook?

Updated April 17, 2017

"Secret Crush" is an app designed by software development company Textstream for use on the Facebook social networking site. While the app is available to Facebook users, it is not an official Facebook app. If a Facebook member has a crush on another member but feels uncomfortable with revealing their identity, this app allows for an anonymous message of admiration to be delivered to the object of your interest.

Downloading Secret Crush

Facebook users must download the "Secret Crush" app by clicking "Go To App" on the "Secret Crush" app info page on Facebook. This will take you to a page where you must click "Allow," which grants the "Secret Crush" app permission to access your profile and to post information to your profile, to start using the app.

Writing Messages

Writing "Secret Crush" messages involves choosing the person on your friends list that you want to send a message to, entering a subject headline and composing the message.

Attaching Images

Attaching images from the "Secret Crush" image gallery is an optional part of sending "Secret Crush" messages. If you wish to add a photo, use the "Search" box to locate the image you want to use. This will then be attached to your message. You may not, at the time of publication, attach personal images or any images outside of the "Secret Crush" image gallery.

Keeping Secret

Directly above the "Send" button an unchecked box appears. This box must be checked, via a single mouse click, if you want the "Secret Crush" message to be anonymous.

Getting "Secret Crush" Mesages

"Secret Crush" messages do not work the same way traditional Facebook messages do -- the app does not display messages on Facebook news feeds, nor does it generate notifications since the senders are generally anonymous. "Secret Crush" users must regularly log into the app to see if they have any new messages.

How Invites Work

The "Secret Crush" app will send any user who you wish to send a message to an invitation, saying "[username] has been using Secret Valentine, check & see if you're the lucky recipient." If the message recipient already uses the app, he can access the app to see the message. If the recipient has never used the "Secret Crush" app, he is required to download the app before seeing the message.

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