Cake Decorating Ideas for Hikers

Updated April 17, 2017

Combine your love of hiking with your talents in the kitchen and create unique nature-themed cakes. Perfect for small get-togethers as well as large soirées, cakes can make the party. Cakes allow you to start with a fresh canvas. No matter the occasion, decorate your cake with love and express your hobbies and interests.

Mushroom Mountain Cake

If you're a hiking enthusiast, you've seen a variety of mushrooms along the trails. Create a mushroom mountain to celebrate all the different mushrooms you've seen. Cover your single or multilayered with a thick coat of chocolate fudge frosting. Press chocolate shavings along the sides of the cake, and sprinkle them over the top of the cake and the plate. Make mushrooms out of meringue, and dust them with cocoa powder. Place them all around your cake.

Forest Cake

Use food dye to colour your choice of frosting green, and cover the entire cake. Make sure you have enough frosting to put some green frosting into a frosting bag. Use green fondant to make different sized trees by cutting out a triangle and rolling it up into a cone. Glue them onto the cake with your extra frosting, or add some frosting to the smooth surface of the fondant to make different trees such as Douglas firs, evergreens or oak trees. Use White frosting and green fondant for a winter forest scene.

Cartographer's Cake

An avid hiker is sure to appreciate maps. For this creation, you'll need a two-layer sheet cake. On the top layer carve out shallow pieces to make valleys, then layer them back onto the cake to make mounds or mountains. Create a specific mountain shape, or use your imagination to make your own. Use brown, green and blue frosting to make forests, lakes, mountains or rivers. Use red frosting and a thin-tipped nozzle to mark out a hiking route you've taken in this area.

River Cake

Use blue gel frosting to make a river running through the top of your cake. Add tufts of blue and white frosting to make rapids and waves. Sprinkles on the river will look like jumping fish or can be used to make trails leading to and from the river atop your cake.

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