Personality Characteristics of a Capricorn Male With an Aries Female

Written by crystal lassen
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Personality Characteristics of a Capricorn Male With an Aries Female
A Capricorn male and a female Aries can "click." (Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Whether you check your horoscope for fun or advice, there is no doubt that sometimes the information hits close to home. Comparing characteristics between two signs has the potential to predict relationship compatibility. Capricorn males are said to be very ambitious and strong-willed, which makes them put success over almost everything else. Aries women generally have breezy dispositions but they can also be headstrong, which can lead to clashes.


A Capricorn man tends to be ambitious and materialistic. He enjoys having an attractive Aries woman accompany him to events and parties. The Aries woman is very outgoing and loves the attention, not to mention the successful lifestyle, that the Capricorn man can offer. The Capricorn man treats the Aries woman with respect in public and tends to shy away from public displays of affection.


When it comes to romance, the Capricorn man is initially shy; although he is confident in a business setting, he is less comfortable when it comes to love. The outgoing Aries woman must be the first to display affection. However, once the Aries woman has drawn the Capricorn man out of his shell, he will become more confident and affectionate of his own accord.


The Capricorn male enjoys the Aries female's outgoing personality and basks in her admiration of his many accomplishments. However, because the Capricorn man draws so much attention due to his high profile lifestyle, the Aries woman has a tendency to become jealous and possessive. The Capricorn male sometimes finds himself disturbed by the Aries woman's displays of emotion and will shy away when he feels overpowered by her.


Once the Capricorn man has decided he wants the Aries female in his life, he is less insecure and becomes very protective toward her. His affections are strong and durable once he has committed himself. The Capricorn man will then be able to express his feelings to his Aries mate. He will use his steady practicality to balance her fiery personality so that they can build a harmonious life together.

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