List of Colorful Flower Perennial Plants

Updated February 21, 2017

Perennial plants regrow every year, unlike annuals, which grow, bloom for a season, and then die. Perennials faithfully bring a bright spot to a garden each year on a regular schedule. Perennials require care to ensure they produce the best blooms. Matching the right fertiliser, correct soil pH balance, and the necessary amount of water and sun is important to having a colourful, show-off garden.

Perennials For Sunny Locations

Yarrow are well-liked garden flowers, with colours ranging from yellows, reds and whites. Columbines have large blooms and come with blue, white, red, pink or yellow blossoms. The Michaelmas daisy features violet, white and blue flowers and have the bonus of being dividable every other year, giving the gardener plants to locate elsewhere or to give away. Garden chrysanthemums bloom in the fall after many other flowers have died away, giving a garden yellow, bronze, lavender or white flowers.

Perennials For Shady Locations

It is more difficult for plants to thrive in the shade, but some have adapted to doing so. Almost all perennials will do fine in light shade, but dense shade requires careful planting. The fringed bleeding heart gives colour from spring to fall, and black snakeroot provides summer colour. Many shade-tolerant perennials also double as ground cover along with providing flowers that blossom for a short period. These include wild violets, lilies of the valley, goutweed and wild ginger.

Native Perennials

Growing native plants is becoming popular with many gardeners. They are already well-adapted to the climate and soil and often require much less care and water than plants imported from other areas. Examples of flowering perennials native to North America are the deep blue flowers of the pickeralweed, the yellow flowers in May from the marigold, and the fluffy, bright-pink flowers of queen-of-the-prairie. The black-eyed Susan is well-known for its golden yellow blossom with a dark-black centre on a tall stem. The wild bergamot has lavender flowers that attract bees and butterflies, and the leaves can be used to make tea.


Some flowering perennials are hardier than others. A few that need extra care to survive a cold winter are sweet william, silver king artemisia, feverfew and larkspur. Early spring-blooming flowers include winter aconite., leopard's bane, columbine, pasque flower and basket of gold. Fall flowers include asters, summer lilacs, tussock bellflower and common rosemallow.

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