The Best Portable Water Distillers

Updated April 17, 2017

With so much concern about clean drinking water it seems that everywhere you look someone is carrying a bottle of water. More and more people are beginning to question the actual source of their bottled water. A 2008 Reader's Digest article, written by Janet Majeski Jemmott, said that "25 per cent of it comes from a municipal supply," and "bottlers are not required to list the source on the bottle." However, tap water is regulated by the FDA. A better alternative to bottled water would be to use a water purification system.

Volatile Organic Compounds

When purchasing a distiller, make certain that it has the ability to filter out volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. VOCs are gases that contain a variety of chemicals emitted from certain liquids, including water. VOCs can produce adverse health effects over a short or long term. According to the FDA, VOCs can cause headaches, dizziness, respiratory tract irritation and memory impairment.

H20 Labs

H2O Labs ( offers two of what it refers to as its "best" models of portable water distillers. The White Baked-Enamel distiller, models 100 and 100SS, and models 300 and 300SS. Internally, the distillers are exactly alike, but in the 300 models you can select a particular exterior colour. The price runs around £129 for either one, but these water distillers can be found on sale for £109 on the company's website. Both models have a 100 per cent, stainless steel interior, and they remove VOCs with the use of activated charcoal filters. They can produce up to 4 gallons of purified water per 24-hour period, and a six-month supply of the charcoal filters is included in the purchase price.

A-1 Water Distillers

With claims of being the "fastest water distiller in the market," A-1 Distillers ( has its All Glass collection container, which will distil 1 gallon of water in 3 1/2 to 4 hours or around 6 gallons in a 24-hour period. As with most of the top models, the interior of the distiller is 100 per cent stainless steel. This model also has a stainless steel exterior, and the collection container is made from 100 per cent glass, as compared with some other models that have collection containers made of food-grade plastic. This model sells for £161 on the company's website.

Freshwater Systems

Also in the fast distilling category, comes the Waterwise 8800 from Freshwater Systems (, which is portable and lightweight. It can distil 1 gallon of water in four hours or 6 gallons in 24 hours. This model sells for £259 and is said to eliminate bacteria, viruses and 99 per cent of total dissolved solids. It also removes sodium, chlorine, arsenic, nitrates and VOCs.

The Mini-Classic II

One of the most expensive models is the Mini-Classic II Countertop Pure Water Distiller, which sells for £373 on Amazon ( Somewhat slower than the other models, the Mini-Classic II distils four-fifths of a gallon of water in 3 1/2 hours to 99.9 per cent purity using a carbon filter. The carbon post filter used in this unit is made in the United States. It has a removable, stainless steel chamber that can be taken out for occasional cleaning. The Mini-Classic II also comes in a 220V model for £13 more that will automatically shut off at the end of the distilling cycle. The Mini-Classic II, 220V, has a built-in safety feature that will turn the unit off if it ever overheats.

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