Simple Fruit Carving Ideas - Pineapple Flowers

Written by laura myers
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Simple Fruit Carving Ideas - Pineapple Flowers
You can make beautiful fruit displays with pineapple flowers. ( Images)

Pineapple flowers are intriguing to look at as well as nutritious. They can be taken to parties as hostess gifts, brought to pot lucks or used as centrepieces for banquets and other events. Like other carved fruits, pineapple flowers are expensive if you buy them commercially, yet economical to make yourself. Moreover, they are relatively easy to make.

Basic Pineapple Flowers

You will need a fresh, medium-size pineapple, red, seedless grapes, a flower-shaped cookie cutter, wooden or bamboo skewers and a paring knife. Peel the pineapple and cut it into circles that are about 1 inch thick. Cut the discs into flower shapes with the cookie cutter. Insert a skewer through a flower at the centre. Let the pointed end of the skewer stick out approximately 1/2 inch, then attach one-half of a red grape to the point of the skewer without letting the skewer poke all the way through. This completes the pineapple flower. You can usually make between six and 10 of these pineapple flowers with one pineapple.

Watermelon Basket of Pineapple Flowers

This carved fruit arrangement is a basket made from a carved watermelon, filled with pineapple flowers. It makes an attractive centrepiece that is good to eat. To make it, you need one medium watermelon, a non-toxic marking pen, a sharp, paring knife, a large metal spoon, florist's foam and about 16 pineapple flowers. Cut a very thin slice off the flattest side of the watermelon so it will rest securely on a table. This bottom part of the watermelon will form the base of the basket. Draw around the top of the basket base with the marker. This should extend about one-third of the way from the bottom of the watermelon. The next step is to draw the outline of a basket handle extending over the top of the watermelon and down both sides. The handle connects to the base. Cut along the drawn lines with the sharp knife, creating a basket with a handle. Work carefully and gently remove the hard exterior shell of the watermelon everywhere except where the handle and basket base are located. Leave the entire basket intact. As you work, scoop out the watermelon meat with the metal spoon, reserving it for another purpose. Once your basket is complete, place florist's foam in the cavity of the base. Arrange the pineapple flowers in the basket by inserting them into the foam.

Flower Bouquet

A bouquet of pineapple flowers is deceptively easy to prepare. You need an attractive container, florist's foam, eight pineapple flowers, a selection of green grapes and four wooden skewers. Place the florist's foam in the container. Take eight pineapple flowers on skewers and stick them into the florist's foam. Add greenery to your bouquet by inserting several green grapes on each of four wooden skewers and placing these among the pineapple flowers. If your container is too small to accommodate the entire bouquet, you can make a smaller bouquet.

Flower Garden

To create a flower garden, you need one small, fresh watermelon, green seedless grapes, pineapple flowers, a tulip cookie cutter, bamboo skewers, an attractive tray and a sharp knife. Cut approximately 1/4 inch off the bottom of the watermelon so it rests in a stable fashion on a flat surface. The cut side will become the bottom of your finished fruit display. Cut the watermelon completely across, about one-third from the bottom. Place it on the tray. This will be the base for your flower garden. Using the rest of the watermelon, make large slices that are about 1 inch in thickness. Cut these into tulip shapes and insert bamboo skewers into them from the bottom. The skewer tips should rest inside the flowers and not protrude. Arrange your pineapple and watermelon flowers in the garden by sticking them into the watermelon base on the tray. Spread green grapes under the flowers to give the appearance of green vegetation and your garden will be finished.

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