Cruise Ship Simulation Games

Updated February 21, 2017

Cruise ships are some of the biggest boats in the world and managing one is like managing a resort on water. There are so many aspects to a cruise ship and game creators have taken this idea and turned into a small collection of simulation games. Some games only cover small aspects of a cruise ship while others involve pleasing customers, avoiding obstacles in the water and navigating the ship to destinations.

Cruise Ship Tycoon

Choose a cruise company, build your ship and then attract customers to the best cruise in the world. Along with competing companies you have to deal with guest complaints, ship malfunctions and providing entertainment on board. The game is highly customisable and players have multiple game options. Design a ship to your choosing and select meal choices, pool locations and island destinations. "Cruise Ship Tycoon" is a PC based game originally released in 2003.

Carnival Cruise Lines Tycoon

Take ownership of real Carnival cruise ships in this simulation game. Travel across the whole ship and customise every aspect, from chairs to plants and guest rooms. Keep track of employees, choose your favourite travel destinations and become the most popular ship that Carnival owns. Once your ship is ready to leave port, set ticket prices and watch the profits expand. "Carnival Cruise Lines Tycoon" is available for PC and was originally released in 2006.

Luxury Liner Tycoon

With more than 70 different guest designs, "Luxury Liner Tycoon" is all about pleasing cruise passengers. Design guest rooms for comfort and profit, plan out daily activities and change everything according to the guest happiness. Choose from different cruise ships that suit your style and then upgrade when you make enough money. The game was originally released in 2004 and is available on PC only.

Easy Cruise

Learn how to manoeuvre and dock a ship in "Easy Cruise." The simple online Flash game only requires players to use the keyboard arrows but each level is a challenge. If the ship gets hit four times, you get game over and have to start again. There are five different levels in the game, with each one offering a new parking challenge.

Rock the Boat

Sponsored by the movie "Poseidon" is the free online Flash game "Rock the Boat." This game simulates the actions of a cruise ship during a wave. Move the left and right keyboard arrows to create waves and rock boat. Knock as many passengers as you can off the boat without tipping the boat over. The faster you move the arrows, the bigger the waves get. Play until all the passengers are gone or you flip the boat over.

Cruise Ship Captain

Learn how to pilot an actual cruise ship in the educational simulator "Cruise Ship Captain." The game puts players behind a recreation of ship controls. Use the tutorial mode to learn how to guide the ship and then go through different levels to guide ships around the world. The game features simulations standard ships, pod ships and uses photo imagery to recreate real harbours.

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