Anime Characters With Wings

Written by amy mcnulty
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Anime Characters With Wings
Knowing which popular anime characters have wings can help you choose an anime costume featuring wings. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Anime (Japanese animation) characters who fly spread their otherworldly wings and soar into the lush animated skies. Anime fans who envy these characters may be tapping into famed psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud's idea that flying represents joy and even a sense of accomplishment. Cosplaying ("costume playing" or dressing up in costume) as winged anime characters can help you feel closer to that feeling of joy--all in a cute, frightening or beautiful costume.

Kohaku ("Kobato" and "Wish")

Clamp, called "one of the most acclaimed groups of artists in Japan" by Gen Fukunaga, head of Funimation, is so popular among Western anime fans that the group's four members have frequently appeared as guests of honour at U.S. conventions. Clamp created the angel character Kohaku with stunning white-feathered wings for their short manga (Japanese comic) series "Wish." Tall, thin and with broad shoulders, the character is purposefully androgynous and without gender, although limitations in English translation often result in referring to Kohaku as a "she." Although "Wish" never appeared in anime form, Kohaku became a regular character in the anime series "Kobato," in which she acted as a mentor to the protagonist, dispensing advice and helping her with her angelic powers.

Ryuk ("Death Note")

Ryuk is easily the most humorous character in a compelling and popular anime series that otherwise, as IGN explains, deals with themes of right and wrong and of life and death. Ryuk, from "Death Note" is a shinigami, which is similar to the Grim Reaper in Japanese culture, although many shinigami are said to exist. His black wings are thin, jagged and ravenlike and only appear when he's aiming to fly. His bulbous yellow eyes and gothic clown-like face make for a mesmerising cosplay costume.

Meroko Yui ("Full Moon wo Sagashite")

Although the shinigami are often dark and scary in anime like "Death Note," other anime series portray shinigami as bubbly and attractive characters, such as Meroko Yui from "Full Moon wo Sagashite." This rose-haired shinigami sports a red top hat along with a frilly red skirt and bikini top. Her white-feathered wings are petite and jut out just past her shoulders. Perhaps most striking are her rabbit ears that protrude from her top hat. These ears carry over from her stuffed animal toy rabbit form.

Rosiel ("Angel Sanctuary")

When looking for a winged male anime character who's more gorgeous than scary, the manga and short anime series "Angel Sanctuary" has plenty to offer. A series in which angels are actually the villains facing off against fallen angels from Hell, Rosiel is an "inorganic angel" with flowing, wavy silver hair that falls to his knees. His white-feather wings are extravagantly large. Once a kind angel, Rosiel lost his sanity and became obsessed with his angel sister, who's been reincarnated into a human boy.

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