Signs You Are Falling in Love With Him

Updated March 18, 2017

When you're falling in love with a man, it manifests itself in a multitude of ways. The excitement of brand new love can have even the toughest woman singing to herself at work and feeling like she's walking on air. If you are unsure as to whether you feel love or just feelings of lust, be on the lookout for some sure-fire indications.


If you find yourself constantly daydreaming about him, to the point that it interrupts your work and your social life, you likely are falling head over heels in love. If you envision everything from the next time you will see him to perhaps heading off on some exotic island vacation together, love is in the air.


Another sign of falling in love with a man is when you constantly reread all of his e-mail and text messages to you. Whether you are just gushing inside over the sweet and thoughtful things he has written to you or are trying to analyse his words for some hidden meanings, you are deeply enchanted by this man.


Falling in love also can have a physical effect on you. When you see the object of your affection and your heart starts beating just a little faster or even skips a beat, you most likely have fallen really hard for this man. Also look out for the tingling sensation of fluttering butterflies in your stomach.


You might consider yourself to be a cool and calm girl, but when you're in love, you'll notice that no matter where you go, you kind of have a slightly silly and cheesy grin plastered all over your face. It may get to the point that your friends and co-workers are asking you what is going on. At this point, you truly cannot hide that you are falling in love from anyone.


Another indication of true love is a mild case of healthy jealousy. If your heart feels a little pang at the mere thought of him being interested in or dating somebody else, your feelings are getting pretty serious.

Disappearing Act

Another sign of falling in love is pulling an unintentional disappearing act on friends and family. If everyone close to you is all of a sudden having a difficult time locating you or hearing back from you because you're constantly hanging out with the man in question, you surely are falling in love. If activities or people that previously interested you so much don't seem as exciting or fun anymore in comparison, there is no turning back.

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