Ideas for Birthday Cake Decorating With Fondant

There are two types of fondant. One is a cream filling, made from a sugar and water mixture, and commonly found in Cadbury's Creme Eggs. The other is a rolled dough, made from marshmallows and icing sugar, and commonly used to decorate birthday cakes. The durability and flexibility of fondant is ideal for forming elaborate cake designs. Cake decorating ideas are only limited by the imagination of the designer.

Gift Boxes

Use fondant to design a gift box birthday cake. Make the cake as elaborate or simple as desired. Bake two hexagon shaped cakes and two round cakes. Stack the cakes and ice them with a layer of buttercream frosting. Cover the structure with sheets of cut fondant. Use icing to design the presents in a manner pleasing to the guest of honour. Pastels or bright primary colours are appropriate for children's birthday parties. Recreate boxes from popular stores to decorate adult birthday cakes. Form bows and ribbons from fondant strips and place them on the boxes.

Cartoon Character

For children's parties, use fondant to transform birthday cakes into a popular cartoon or television character. Depending on the character, one sheet cake might suffice. Cover the cake with fondant. Add embellishment until the desired effect is achieved. Fondant is a pliable material, so you can use smaller pieces to form the legs, arms, eyes, lips and nose of the character. Use shaved fondant pieces to form feathers. Use stringy pieces as hair. Knead the fondant if it cracks a little during the decorating process -- the warmth helps the material regain a smooth appearance.


Create a fondant shoe as the centrepiece for a fashionista birthday cake. Use a simple sheet cake base. Embellish with the name of the guest of honour, or a popular fashion brand. Use fondant to recreate a favourite shoe from her closet or a coveted item. Fondant shoes are an advanced cake decorating technique. Use forms, a type of scaffolding, to retain the shape of the shoe during the formation and drying process.


Balloons are commonly associated with birthday parties. Form fondant into a cascade of colourful balloons draped across the cake. Purchase coloured fondant from craft and gourmet shops. When creating fondant at home, add small amounts of candy or food colouring and knead until blended. Repeat the process until you have created the desired colour. Coordinate balloons with the party theme or decorate the cake with balloons in the guest of honor's favourite colour. Use small fondant strips to create string.

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