Beaver Crafts for Kids

Updated November 21, 2016

Crafts are engaging and entertaining for young children in almost any situation. Furry, adorable animals like beavers make cute subjects for art projects. Beaver crafts can keep kids busy on a rainy afternoon, or you can use crafts and projects in conjunction with lessons to learn about the animal and its habitat.

Beaver Figure

Use a toilet paper cardboard tube, or a paper towel tube cut in half, for the beaver's body. Kids can paint it, colour it with markers or wrap it in brown paper. Use a sheet of paper or sturdy card stock to draw a beaver face, two arms, two legs and a large, oblong oval for a tail. After colouring them, kids can cut the pieces out and glue them to the tube body. If you want to make an even bigger beaver figure, use a round oatmeal tube or coffee can as the body.

Beaver Puppets

Puppets are a fun way for kids to engage in creative play, and making the puppets can be half the fun. Miniature puppet figures are easy for small hands to handle. Use large Popsicle sticks or tongue depressors and use paint or markers to decorate them. You can twist pipe cleaners to make arms or a tail and affix them to the stick. Alternately, make sock puppet beavers. Give kids supplies like googly eyes and felt so that they can make a beaver's face. Also, cut out two big white felt teeth and glue them on the face, and cut out a felt oval tail to affix to the back. Children can then act out beaver stories or improvise their own scripts.

Story Board Figures

Story board figures are magnetic and are used with a magnetic message board. Help children find small images or colouring pages of beavers, cut them out and decorate them. Laminate the figures with a laminating machine or by sandwiching them between two pieces of clear contact paper. Affix a refrigerator magnet to the back, and children can freely move the figures around the magnetic board to play with them. If you use a dry erase magnetic board, they can use dry erase markers to design the scenery before playing with the beaver figures.

Beaver Dam

Beavers are famous for building sturdy dams. Children learning about beavers can experiment with making a dam of their own to gain an understanding of how much work beavers put into it. You can dig a trench in the ground or in a large sandpit. Have kids build the dam across the trench using only natural materials they can find in the area: mud, twigs and sticks. Test the dam by running a hose at one end of the trench to see if it can halt the flow of water to the other end.

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