Unusual Gifts for a 9-Year-Old Boy

Updated July 20, 2017

Choosing a fun and unusual gift for a 9-year-old boy can take some time and planning. They have outgrown many toys that younger boys find interesting but are not quite ready for items that older boys enjoy. Online websites and hobby shops are often great places to shop for unusual gifts that are sure to please and create hours of fun.

Guitar Shirt

A 9-year-old boy who enjoys music may find a wearable guitar unusual but a whole lot of fun to wear. The electronic rock guitar shirt by ThinkGeek comes complete with a small amplifier and magnetic picks. Boys can fasten the amplifier to a belt or pocket and play the guitar as they wear it. The amplifier has an adjustable tone and volume knob

Anti-Gravity Boots

Anti-gravity boots are sure to please any 9-year-old boy. The adjustable boots are worn over a regular pair of athletic shoes and can be used outdoors or inside. Each step will make him feel like he's walking on air, and it's a great way to get a workout and improve coordination.

Soccer Robot

If the 9-year-old boy in your life enjoys soccer, consider buying him the award-winning Soccer Robot by OWI. Boys can build the robot and then spend hours playing with it. A small soccer ball comes with the robot, which it can catch and shoot. The robot makes 360-degree turns and moves forward and backward as well as left and right. It's a good toy for indoor play with its variable speeds.

Hand Tattoos

Nine-year-old boys may be to old for hand puppets, but hand tattoos are unusual and fun gifts to give. Turn his hands into fun animals and monsters with temporary tattoos. They are applied with water and can be easily removed with soap and water. The colourful hand decals are great for playtime and great for a child's imagination.

Soda-Can Robot Bug

For the 9-year-old boy that loves to put things together choose a Soda Can Robug from Green Science. It's a not only a fun toy but a good tool to teach kids about recycling. Instead of throwing that next soda can in the garbage, have him turn it into his very own robot. The kit comes with legs, wings and a motor to complete the project.

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