Heaven & Hell Costume Ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

Although both heaven and hell are places discussed in several religious denominations, they've long been sources of inspiration for costume ideas. Whether you choose a traditional role for your costume or get creative and make up your own, heaven and hell costumes have certainly proven to be entertaining and fun.

Well-Known Characters

Angels and Satan may be the best-known heaven and hell entities, but don't forget the supporting cast. You could go as Jesus: Wear a long white robe with a red sash, a long wig and a beard and carry a cross. Or go as a well-known angel such as Gabriel by carrying a trumpet and telling everyone the end is near. Or go as St. Peter: Carry a big book and pretend to look up names to see whether they're on the "heaven" or "hell" list. Both Gabriel and St. Peter are angels, so wear a snow-white robe and a halo or golden crown or vines or leaves. Consider adding a "royal" flair to the costume, such as gold-braid belt or gold trim along the sleeves and collar. If you want to be naughty, you can go as a demon. Wear black contacts, dark make-up, a black wig and fangs.


Think of the images that come to mind when someone mentions heaven or hell. Get two large pieces of cardboard and cut them identically to resemble a barred gate. Punch a hole in each top corner and use yarn to connect the front to the back, leaving enough room for your head in the middle. Paint them white and glue on dozens of fake pearls. Hang them over your shoulders and presto, you're the pearly gates. You could also go as fire, using a similar method and red, orange and yellow paint. Use face paint to blacken your face and temporary dye (black for a burnt look, grey to make your hair look like ashes) on your hair to look as if you've been charred.


Look to the Bible for some heaven-and-hell stories that can inspire a costume. Dress as an angel with a spiked tail peeking out the back of your costume. Glue trash, rocks and debris to your costume (this would be Satan when he fell from heaven). You can also fashion a large right hand from cardboard and paint and attach it to your front to be "God's right hand." Get a large trash bag and paint the Earth on it, then divide it into seven parts. On each part, illustrate what God created on each of the seven days of creation. Cut holes for your legs and arms. Don't tell people what your costume represents; instead, let them guess.

Creative Costumes

Make up a character for your costume. You could wear a blood-red evening gown, wear a black wig and black make-up and go as Satan's wife. You can also dress as an angel but carry a clipboard, stick a pencil behind your ear and hold a cell phone. Wear glasses on a chain. You're God's personal assistant. Become Satan's assistant with a black-and-red mini dress, fishnet stockings, high-heeled boots, dark make-up and glasses. If you just can't decide whether to be good or bad, go as half angel and half demon.

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