Breckwell pellet stove troubleshooting guide

Updated February 21, 2017

Breckwell Hearth Products, headquartered in Arlington, Texas, produces consumer heating products, including pellet stoves. Breckwell designs these stoves to work efficiently, but your stove can experience problems, like clogs or malfunctioning parts. If your stove shuts down unexpectedly, you will receive an error code on the control panel. The company recommends that you try troubleshooting your issues before you call a technician.

Blinking Error

Two of the most common types of blinking errors are the #2 (AS) or #3 (POF) error codes. The AS code indicates poor air flow, most often due to improper cleaning or failure to maintain your stove. Clean your stove, fan blades and exhaust pipe when they get dirty. Clean your blowers after you burn one ton of pellets.

The POF blinking error means that one of your thermodiscs (either the Proof of Fire or High Temp) is not working properly. If you have unburned pellets, check the damper control. It may be open too far. If so, close the damper a fraction of an inch more than the previous setting. Let your fire burn for 10 to 15 minutes, and then check your fire again. If it's stable, do nothing. If not, then close the damper a bit more.

Won't Light

If your pellet stove won't light, then first try closing your damper a bit, and then try igniting the flame again. If that doesn't work, make sure that your igniter tube or inlet is not blocked. If so, then remove any debris. Your igniter element also could be bad. Try putting power right on the igniter. If the tip glows within two minutes, it's working. If not, replace it. You also should check how much voltage is reaching your igniter. Use some type of voltage meter or multimeter to see if you have a current. If not, then your control board is not working properly and needs replacement.

Convection Blower/Smoke

If your convection blower keeps turning off and not coming back on, try cleaning your fan blades and windings. Next, make sure that you have a current going to the blower. If not, then your circuit board may be bad. If neither of these solutions fix the problem, replace the blower. A bad gasket on your combustion blower also can cause smoke to come back into your home. Check the gasket, and replace if necessary. If that's not the problem, check for a leak in your vent pipe.


Your stove will not run without a constant feed of pellets. If your feed light comes on, but the stove is not feeding pellets, first try replacing the fuse on your control board. If that doesn't work, turn off your stove for at least 30 minutes, and try turning it back on. If that fixes the problem, then you just tripped a high-limit switch. You also can check your control board or see if you have a loose wire. The auger also may be the problem. Check to see if it's jammed. If not, check the auger motor by turning it on. If it doesn't turn, replace it.

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