What Is the Anniversary Gift for 7 Years?

Updated February 21, 2017

On the lucky seventh anniversary of your marriage, choose a meaningful gift for your spouse. Anniversary gift lists generally have two theme options for traditional gifts, plus a modern alternate gift theme, a flower and a gemstone.


The traditional gift for the seventh anniversary is something made of wool. If the anniversary falls in the winter, you have plenty of options for gifts that will be of immediate use. Wool hats and scarves are useful for men and women who live in cold climates. A wool sweater or coat also would be appropriate. Another idea is to get a wool blanket to cuddle under on cold nights.


Copper is another traditional gift for the seventh anniversary. Many art and home-decor items are made of copper. Find a small, copper sculpture, vase or wall hanging for indoors. A large sculpture or copper fountain could be used to decorate the yard. Another idea is to purchase jewellery made of copper.

Desk Sets

Modern gift lists suggest a desk set for the seventh anniversary in lieu of a wool or copper gift. If your spouse works in an office setting, this can be a meaningful and useful gift. Choose a set that goes with the colour of the desk and includes the essentials, such as a letter tray, pen cup, business-card holder and organiser. If your spouse has a desk set, you could give her an engraved paperweight or other decorative accessories to set on the desk. For a twist on the modern desk-set gift, watch the 1957 movie "Desk Set" starring Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn.

Other Ideas

Anniversary gift lists include onyx, yellow sapphire and golden beryl as gemstones for the seventh anniversary. A husband could get his wife a piece of jewellery that includes one of those stones. The anniversary flower is jack-in-the-pulpit, which has an interesting shape with a striped leaf that wraps around and over the centre of the flower. A bouquet of jack-in-the-pulpit or flower seeds to plant in the yard could make an interesting gift. For an offbeat gift that plays on the number seven, purchase a few lottery scratch tickets that relate to the theme of "Lucky 7."

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