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Updated February 21, 2017

Decks extend your overall living space and add value to your home. Before you can build your deck, however, you must design it. Deck design and landscape software tools help you create your deck plans and add landscaping components like plants, furniture and lights. Use the best-rated landscaping and deck design tools to plan out your new deck.

Landscaping Plus

Idea Spectrum's Realtime Landscaping Plus comes with a set of tools for designing your landscape, deck or walkway. Use home templates, or design your own home using the wizard feature. Import your home or landscape photos, and convert them into 3-D images. Select your landscaping components from a library with over 3,000 plants. Draw your deck outline, and add architectural components like railings, posts and boards. Add colour to your deck from a selection of stains and paints. This program costs £51.90 in 2011 and is a Windows-based program.


SmartDraw offers a series of landscape, deck and home design tools. Produce plans for your patio, garden and deck using the quick-start template. Use the components library to add patio bricks, sprinkler systems and plants to your landscape. This program features a drag-and-drop interface, allowing you to quickly add items to your landscape design. Resize these components to fit the scale of your design plans. Add landscape furniture and lights to your plans to see how they fit within the overall design. You can download a trial version of this program, but it does not have all the features of the full version. As of 2011, this program starts at around £130 and is a Windows-based program.

Chief Architect Landscape Software

The Chief Architect Software's Home Designer Landscape and Deck software program features a components library with more than 4,000 objects, including over 3,000 plants. View your designs in either 3-D or 2-D, and virtually walk through your plans. See how shadows play across your landscapes, and view your deck in either day or night mode. Add terrain features like elevations and contours, or add design components like streams and ponds. Use the deck design tools to add patios, deck railings and stairs to your deck layout. This program is for both Windows and Mac operating systems. As of 2011, the program costs £51.

3D Landscape

The 3D Landscape for Everyone is a landscape and home design program. You can try this program free for 15 days, but the full version costs £19 in 2011. This is a Windows-based program. The landscape design program features a drag-and-drop interface. Add plants and landscape components, including decks, to your design. Edit or scale down/up your components so that they work within your design. Preview your changes before you make them. Build your home and landscape design from the ground up.

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