Flowers Used to Make Attar

Updated April 17, 2017

Attar is a traditional Indian style perfume made from distilled flower petals and aromatic wood and spices. Steam containing the aromatic oils is collected and mixed into sandalwood oil. Attar can take more than two weeks to make, making it an expensive perfume. Attar perfume is made from many types of flowers, such as roses, jasmine and marigolds.


Attar of Roses, also called Gulab Attar, is a common attar made from rose petals and sandalwood oil. The scent is feminine, romantic and rich. Traditionally, it symbolises pure love and is supposed to benefit the wearer on emotional and spiritual levels.

Jasmine Sambac

Motia Attar is another common attar made from the jasmine sambac flower and sandalwood oil. Traditionally, this scent symbolises purity, nobility and innocence. Motia Attar is a deep yet mellow perfume that is made for both men and women.

Golden Champa

Champa Attar is an attar made from sandalwood oil and a type of golden champa flowers that are only found in India. The champa flower is a relative of the magnolia flower. Traditionally, this perfume is supposed to inspire joy, meditation and devotion. It is also considered an aphrodisiac.

Garland Flower

Bakul Attar is made from sandalwood oil and the bakul flower, commonly called the garland flower, which is used in Indian religious ceremonies and celebrations. Some types of Bakul Attar also contain orange blossoms and gardenias. Bakul Attar traditionally promotes the energy of the seventh chakra, which brings self awareness, wisdom and happiness.


Genda Attar is made from sandalwood oil and marigold flowers. The scent is mellow and fresh. In India marigolds are strung into garlands and used to freshen and clean the air. Genda Attar is supposed to inspire calmness, meditation, deep breathing, friendship and loyalty. The scent is made for both men and women.

Kewda Flower

Kewda Attar is made from the kewda flower and sandalwood oil. Kewda flowers are cultivated in India, but grow wild along the coast. Kewda Attar has both a soft floral scent and a bitter balsamic scent. Traditionally, it is meant for artists and writers. Kewda Attar traditionally promotes inspiration and removes creative blocks.

Kadam Flower

Kadam Attar is made from the kadam flower and sandalwood oil. The scent is soft, sweet and woody. The kadam flower grows on kadam trees which are native to India. There is ancient religious relevance to the kadam flower, which is often offered at shrines and temples. This perfume traditionally invokes sexuality, awareness, spiritual connection and happiness.

White Lotus

White Lotus Attar is made from sandalwood oil and the white lotus flower. It has an elegant, soft scent and is often used for meditation. Traditionally, the white lotus flower is a spiritual flower that helps those who meditate transcend earthly culture and ideals. White Lotus Attar is associated with the Hindu goddess of wealth.

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