Ideas for Her 22nd Birthday

Updated March 23, 2017

Many 22-year-olds are finishing a college degree or starting out in the workforce and could likely use a night out to enjoy and to celebrate a special event with friends and close family members. When planning a party or a gift for a woman's 22nd birthday, use her interests to determine a theme for the event or the gift she is sure to love.


It has been an entire year since she became old enough to frequent the bar or nightclub of her choice, but if the thrill is still there, gather a group of friends for an evening of responsible drinking and dancing. For a party group that enjoys alcoholic beverages, make sure there is a designated driver or alternative transportation plans have been made. For a woman who would rather sit back and relax than boogie on the dance floor, plan a birthday party at a local spa for a pampering day of facials, manicures, makeovers and massages. For a sports or music enthusiast, consider purchasing group tickets to her favourite sporting event or musical performance.


For a birthday party or a special edible birthday surprise, consider making a birthday cake in the shape of something she loves. For a woman who loves to shop, make a 3-D cake in the shape of a purse and decorate it with small gift offerings, such as lipstick, hair clips and fashion jewellery. For a car enthusiast, make a cake in the shape of her favourite sport or luxury vehicle. Other options include a traditional slab cake with an edible frosting image of her favourite film or music star, or a cake cut into the shape of a giant lipstick tube.


Consider purchasing a gift that can be personalised for a close friend or family member. Ideas include a watch with an engraved personal message or a digital photo frame with favourite pictures of the two of you. Consider a fashion accessory, such as a necklace, hat, scarf or anklet, to go with one of her favourite outfits. For a woman who has always wanted to be stylish, but could never quite put the wardrobe together, consider a gift token for a one-on-one session with a professional image consultant. For the chocolate lover, consider a chocolate survival kit for emergency chocolate cravings. For a gift that does not cost a penny, offer your services instead. Offer to be her hairstylist for a day, help her study for her next college exam or help with a weekend housecleaning.


For a 22-year-old woman who has never been fond of flamboyant birthday parties, consider skipping the party and escaping for a private celebration with a significant other or close friend. Take a long weekend trip to the Bahamas, where the adventure-lover can go scuba diving to see shipwrecks while the more timid traveller can enjoy a weekend of sun on the beach. A woman who needs some time to unwind may enjoy a weekend away at a spa resort; the woman who loves to gamble may love a weekend trip to Las Vegas. For a woman who has never been fond of making plans, forget about organisation and spend the weekend on a road trip with no particular destination.

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