Ideas for a masquerade ball

Masquerade balls have an elegant and classic look. The formal parties ask guests to wear formal clothing and every guest keeps their face covered with a mask. Only when the clock strikes the designated time, do the guests pull off their masks and reveal their true selves. Ideas for a masquerade ball are suitable for all types of parties, including charity balls and sweet sixteen parties.


Give guests the theme of the party as soon as they open the invitation. Make your own invitations in the shape of masquerade masks. Cut out the basic shape of the mask from neutral coloured paper and write the details of the party on the back, including the location and time. Include a small note at the bottom of the invitation, asking guests to come in costume or formal wear and to bring or wear their own mask. Decorate the front of the mask with beads, feathers and sequins. Pass the invitations out by hand or, mail in small boxes that keep the decorations from rubbing off.

Make Masks

There is always a chance that guests might forget to bring their own mask or, lose their mask during the masquerade party. Make a series of masks yourself and display those in a box near the front door. Purchase blank masks from a craft store and decorate the masks with paint and small decorations. Paint the masks with a metallic paint first and wait for the paint to completely dry. Glue shiny beads and brightly coloured feathers to the top of the masks.

Right Costumes

The masquerade ball effect isn't complete without the right costumes. Traditionally masquerade balls are a formal affair, requiring tuxedos or suits for the men and formal ball gowns or dresses for the women. If you choose to host a more laidback affair, then make note of that on the invitations. Another idea is to host a costume masquerade ball. Guests come dressed in costumes similar to those worn on Halloween, but still keep their faces covered during the party.

Party Food

When you hold a masquerade ball, you must serve appropriate food. Finger foods and smaller snacks are ideal, as your guests wear costumes and masks. Serve bite size food that guests can easily slip through masks that cover their whole face. Avoid serving messy snacks or snacks that drip, such as nachos, as the food may smear over their costumes or masks.

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