Measuring Tools in the Kitchen

Written by veronica romualdez
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Measuring Tools in the Kitchen
Every kitchen needs the proper kind of measuring tools. (Jupiterimages/liquidlibrary/Getty Images)

Every cook, whether professional or amateur, needs to have tools to cook properly, which includes measuring tools. You'll find different kinds of measuring tools for your kitchen that come in different colours and materials. These measuring tools, no matter what kind you choose, all have a specific purpose. Measuring tools are either used for measuring volume, weight, temperature or time and are essential in any kitchen.

Measuring Cups

Different kinds of measuring cups are available for your kitchen. Liquid measuring cups, which are made of clear plastic or glass, are available from 1 cup to 1 gallon. These have readable measurements across the side marked in cups and fractions of a cup so you can see the level of the liquid. Liquid cups also have a handle and a spout, which allow you to pour liquid easily. For measuring dry ingredients, you'll find measuring cups in 1/4-, 1/3-, 1/2- and 1-cup units and are usually made of plastic or aluminium. These have handles but do not have spouts and are usually sold as a set.

Measuring Spoons

Another useful tool in your kitchen used for cooking is measuring spoons. Measuring spoons usually include 1/4 , 1/2 and 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon and come as a set. These spoons are useful when you have to measure dry ingredients but may be used for liquid ingredients as well. For example, you may need to measure to a teaspoon of vanilla extract or dry, ground ingredients such as paprika, cumin, cinnamon or coriander.

Measuring Scale

Measuring scales allow you to use ingredients in precise measurements. For example, if using a measuring spoon, you may sometimes use a heaping teaspoon or levelled teaspoon. A scale, however, allows you to use the exact amount every time by determining the weight of an ingredient or a portion of food, which ensures that the next time you make something, it's made in exactly the same way. Scales are available in grams, ounces or pounds and are either balance, mechanical or digital scales. These all work pretty much in the same way but have differences, such as the kind of display that shows the weight measured, whether it has a removable bowl and the capacity that it can measure.


You'll find different kinds of thermometers that you can use in your kitchen. Each of these thermometers have a specific function. The different types of thermometers that are inserted into foods to allow you to quickly measure the temperature of the food you're cooking are either digital food thermometers, dial food thermometers and single-use temperature indicators, such as pop-up timers. These are useful for making sure that food is thoroughly cooked inside as some food, such as meat, must reach an internal temperature to ensure that it's cooked properly. Other types of food thermometers include candy, jelly and deep-fry thermometers used for measuring extra-high liquid temperatures and appliance thermometers, such as refrigerator and freezer thermometers and oven thermometers.


Depending on what you're cooking, you may have to measure the time that it takes to cook something, which ensures that you're not over cooking or under cooking your food. To enable you to time your food, you can use your watch, but a portable kitchen timer is more useful. For example, if you're cooking multiple things at the same time, you can have more than one timer to help you time each one. Additionally, kitchen timers make a beeping sound to remind you when the time you set is up.

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