Homemade birthday gifts for 9-year-old boys

Written by sheba raj
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Homemade birthday gifts for 9-year-old boys
You can create a birthday present for a 9-year-old that is attractive and inexpensive. (Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

A child eagerly awaits his birthday each year because then he will receive a birthday present. A parent does not have to break the bank in order to give a 9-year-old boy a wonderful gift. There are many inexpensive gifts that you can create that he will love and appreciate.

Personalised Pillowcase

A 9-year-old boy will love to receive a personalised gift from his parents. Buy a plain white pillowcase and different-coloured puff paint. Decide on a design that the birthday boy likes. One idea is to use the puff paint to make basketballs all around the front side of the pillowcase. Write "Slam Dunk" on it. On the other side, write "Happy Birthday!" Underneath, make a heart and sign it "Mom and Dad." Make sure to do the drawing and painting a few days before his birthday so it will dry, and he can use it right away.


Children look forward to receiving certificates in school, so they will love to get them at home, too. Take a piece of paper and coloured markers. Using the coloured marker, write at the top "Gift Certificate." Underneath that write "Awarded to:" -- then write the 9-year-old's name. On the next line write the award. One idea is to write: "Choose your favourite dinner for Mom to make for you." Another idea is to write: "Rent a movie to watch with Mom and Dad."

Secret Treasure Box

This gift is great for a 9-year-old boy to store his treasures.Take an old hardcover book that is in the house or buy a cheap one at a second-hand store. Set aside Elmer's white glue, a film canister, small paint brush, pen, ruler and an X-ACTO knife or box cutter. Open the book to the 11th page. Stick some glue in the canister and add a little bit of water and mix it together. Place a small sticky notepad between the 11th page and the rest of the book and close the book. Use a paintbrush to brush glue onto the text block and place other books on top of the book to hold it down while it dries. Open the book to where the divider is and use a ruler and pen to measure and mark 1.5 inches from each side of the page, top, bottom, right and left edges. Cut on the marked lines with an X-ACTO knife to create the rectangle box and keep cutting like this until the box is as deep as desired.


A 9-year-old will enjoy playing with a dartboard. Take a large plate and place it face down on a piece of cardboard. Trace around the plate with a pencil. Cut the cardboard on the pencil line. Put the cardboard circle aside. Take the plate and place it on a piece of felt and trace the plate. Cut on the pencil line with scissors until the circle is cut out. Place glue on the cardboard circle making sure to put a lot on the outer rim. Place the felt circle on top of the glue and smooth it out. The felt must completely cover the cardboard. Take a bowl that is smaller than the plate, and place it face down on a different colour felt. Trace the bowl with a pencil, and cut out along those lines. Set the circle aside. Take a cup that is smaller in circumference than the bowl, and trace around it. Cut along the pencil lines. Set aside the felt circle. Put glue on the bowl-sized felt, and place it onto the middle of the plate-sized felt. Smooth it down nicely. Take the cup-sized felt, place glue on it, and place it on the bowl-sized felt and smooth it down. Buy some styrofoam balls and Velcro straps with tape. Measure the Velcro around the ball so that it will fit exactly without overlapping, and cut accordingly. Cut the strip in half and place one half moving around the ball in one direction and the other half in the other direction so the two strips cross over one another in the centre.

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