Celebration Ideas for a 1 Year Anniversary

Updated April 17, 2017

A first anniversary is a reason for many married couples to celebrate. On their anniversary, couples reflect upon their past and look forward to the future. To celebrate their first year of marriage, couples can partake in a variety of romantic activities to make their special day memorable.

Home-Cooked Dinner

Rather than spending a lot of money by dining at an expensive restaurant, the happily married couple can whip up a gourmet anniversary feast in the comfort of their own home. In honour of the occasion, the couple should purchase ingredients they may not ordinarily get, such as fresh seafood, prime cuts of meat, truffle oil or exotic spices. To truly make the night, the glow of candles and beautiful table settings will create a romantic ambience, perfect for a first anniversary celebration.


An evening at the theatre provides an entertaining activity for couples who want a special way to celebrate their first anniversary. Couples who live near a major city can make a mini second honeymoon by spending a night in the city. An evening show followed by a tasty dinner, drinks at a rooftop bar, and a walk through the busy streets provide an exciting anniversary date. Even for couples who can't swing a trip to the bustling streets of New York City or another urban locale can enjoy a show at a local theatre.


A picnic is a romantic excursion for a one-year anniversary celebration. Couples can select a spot that holds special meaning to them, such as a park near their home, a beach they enjoy or even the spot where one partner proposed. For food, the couple can throw together a spread of fine cheese, breads and crackers, fresh fruit and other snacks to nibble upon. Alternatively, sandwich lovers can head to a shop and purchase delicious sandwiches. With a blanket, a basket of treats and a lovely view, a picnic can be a fun and laid-back way to celebrate a year of marriage.

Boat Ride

There is something about a boat ride and open water that seem to make everything romantic. City dwellers can celebrate their anniversary with a cruise. With the wind in their hair and outstanding views of the city skyline, the couple are sure to have a romantic afternoon or evening. Those who live in more rural areas can enjoy the peace and serenity of the ocean or lakes with a cruise, too. For an extra special event, couples can look into sunset cruises. From the deck of a boat, the couple can celebrate a year of marriage watching the sun set hand in hand.

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