Specifications for a Custom 1980 Gibson Les Paul

Updated June 20, 2018

The Gibson Les Paul has been played by many famous guitarists such as Slash, Zakk Wylde and Les Paul himself, and the 1980 Custom version of the guitar is worth over £1,950. Learning the specifications of the guitar can give you an idea of whether or not it is worth the money.

Body Features

The 1980 Les Paul Custom has a mahogany body that is cut away on the underside. Mahogany gives the guitar a warm tone. The 1980 Les Paul Custom has a Gibson "Tune-O-Matic" bridge with a gold-plated, stop-bar tailpiece. The pickups are also gold-plated, and both the neck and bridge pickups are Gibson Humbuckers. Each of the pickups has its own volume and tone controls, meaning you can set each pickup to have a different sound. You can select between the two pickups by using the three-way selector switch, which can also be set to use both pickups together.

Body Size

The body of the 1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom measures 17 and 3/8 inches in length, 12 and 31/32 inches in width and 1 and 15/16 inches in depth. The length measurement ranges from the bottom of the body (where the strap connects) to where the body meets the neck. The width is measured at the widest point, and the depth measures from the front face of the body to the back.

Neck Features

The neck of the 1980 Les Paul Custom is made of three parts, entirely of maple. One long, straight rectangular piece runs up the central portion of the neck, and two identical pieces make up the outer sides. After the three pieces have been glued together, they are sanded down to form the curved shape of the neck. Guitar fretboards and necks are often made of maple, and the wood provides a bright, biting tone. The neck also features an ebony fingerboard, decorated with pearl block inlays to mark the frets. Corresponding dots also stretch up the upper edge of the guitar's neck. The headstock has gold-plated machine heads, shaped like paddles and featuring a Gibson "Crank" button.

Neck Size

The neck measures 1 and 11/16 inches at the nut. The nut separates the neck of the guitar from the headstock. The 1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom is 24 and 3/4 inches in scale length. The scale length is the portion of the strings that vibrates during play, stretching from the nut right down to the bridge. The neck has a total of 22 frets.

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