Unusual Informative Speech Topics

Updated March 23, 2017

An informative speech is one that is designed to give information about a particular topic. There are millions of topics out there for an informative speech, because there are millions of things in the world that people want to know more about. However, some unusual speech topics might catch your eye and give you a great idea that will be unlike anything your teacher or classmates have ever heard before.

About an Unusual Item

Write a speech about an unusual item that you know a lot about, but no one else does. Items like old-fashioned musical instruments, advanced pieces of electronic equipment or even old-fashioned equipment like one of the first cell phones or old medical equipment are always interesting. If you don't have an unusual item, you can always find pictures of it and descriptions on the Internet. Try to think of some items that people in your class have never seen before, and then give your informative speech about one of those items.

Unusual Historical Topics

Informative speeches can also be about things like historical topics. Everyone knows about the great world wars, or the latest presidential election. However, you can choose something historical that is also unique, that your classmates might not have heard of before. Topics like how the cheese wheel was invented, or unusual historical facts and figures might be interesting for this type of speech. If you choose something that really happened but that not a lot of people know about, your speech can be more interesting.

Unusual Jobs

Jobs are also an informative speech topic area you might decide to use. But to make your speech more interesting, choose a job that is unique or that no one has really heard of. Talk about who cleans out the bathrooms in a stadium after the Super Bowl, or do a speech on chimney sweepers and what their job is. Choose a job that isn't very popular and that your classmates might not know much about to make it a truly unique informative speech.

Unusual People

The world is full of interesting and unusual people, and you can write and give an informative speech about one of them. Choose an obscure writer that no one has heard of before, or pick someone in your community that might have an interesting life. You'd be surprised to find out how interesting some people's lives are, even if you might not think so at first glance. People's lives can make interesting informative speech topics.

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