Gift Ideas for a 7-Year-Old Boy's First Holy Communion

Updated February 21, 2017

The First Holy Communion of a Catholic child is a time when children are able to understand the idea of the blood and body of Christ in the bread and wine. Children who are 7 years old are ready for their First Communion. After the ceremony in the church, family and friends of the family often give gifts to the child. The First Communion gifts for boys should not only consider the boy, but also the religion.

First Communion Rosary

A boy's First Communion rosary is always an appropriate first communion gift for a 7-year-old boy. The rosary for a boy's First Communion has a simple design, with a cross bearing Jesus Christ on one side, the rosary beads on a chain and the communion goblet of wine on the top. The rosaries come in a variety of styles and materials for any preferred appearance and taste.

Boys' First Communion Medals

The first communion medals and pins for boys are crosses that show the ways of Eucharist. There are both four- and five-way medals available for boys. These act as a reminder for the boy of Eucharist and Jesus Christ.


A Bible or an appropriate Bible story book for children is always appropriate for a 7-year old boy's First Communion. The Bible is a traditional gift option. There are many kinds of Bibles available in Bible bookstores or Christian bookstores. A First Communion Bible can even have a child's name placed on it to add an element of personalisation.

Books of Saints

A children's book of saints is always appropriate for a First Communion gift for boys. The books give the names of various Catholic saints and the stories of their lives, written at a child's reading level.

Gift Sets

Catholic bookstores often sell gift sets for First Communion, which include a few different items. A boy's gift set might include a Bible, rosary, mass book, bookmarks, prayer books or prayer book cases and cross pins. The gift set provides items for a child's First Communion that are useful and beautiful.

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