Hobbies That Women Enjoy

Updated April 17, 2017

Hobbies that women enjoy are often ones she can pursue while being a mom to her children; that get her out of the house for a time; that are an extension of her job; or that broadens her horizons. These hobbies are as varied as hiking, blogging, scrapbooking and dancing. They help women relax, release stress and learn new skills.

Crafts, Cards and Scrapbooking

Women who like crafts have a wide variety of interests. Crafts can include recycling used objects around the house, such as turning a tuna can into a jewellery box or turning a juice container into a pen and pencil holder. Crafting women may arrange flowers or design and make their own greeting cards. Scrapbooking is an increasingly popular craft in which you create decorated and expressive pages around photos.

Expressing a Passion for Food

Many women love to cook, not just as something they do to feed their families, but because they enjoy creating in the kitchen. Some focus on desserts such as cakes, cookies and candy, while others create casseroles, baked goods or new twists on classic American fare.

All About Animals

Women with a love of animals often start by purchasing a dog for a pet and end up breeding animals to give away or sell. Others buy a horse to ride and join trail rides. Women may get involved in humane societies or organisations that seek to protect endangered species. Some women teach others to care for their pets.

Singing, Dancing and Theater

Those with a love of music may take lessons as a hobby and begin to sing karaoke or get involved with church or community singing groups. Others may sing at special occasions for family and friends. Other women may take up dancing either alone or with their partners. They may enjoy nights out to dance or take their hobby up a step to enter dancing competitions. Some women may take their love of music and dance to the acting stage, joining a community theatre group.

Reading and Writing

Many women love to read. Some devour romance, mystery or family sagas. Some women dig into non-fiction to explore the world and expand their minds. Other women write. They may write letters to cheer up a friend or a soldier. They may write letters to the editor, or blog about an area of interest, such as how to raise children. Some women take their hobby of writing to the next level and seek publication. Women are attracted to hobbies in which they can express their passions.

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