Candy Wrapper Art Projects

Written by zee kay | 13/05/2017
Candy Wrapper Art Projects
A useful way to recycle candy wrappers is to create an art project. (Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Used candy wrappers aren't just for the trash anymore. They can be used to create works of art like collages and even jewellery. These projects are suitable to sell or as gifts. Before you use candy wrappers to make art projects, wipe them down gently with a damp cloth to remove any candy residue.

Framed Collage

It's easy to create a collage using candy wrappers. Use colourful wrappers to create an eye-catching design. Foils and iridescent candy wrappers will sparkle when the light hits. Iron the wrappers flat and overlap them. Cut the wrappers into shapes if needed. Glue the wrappers down on a piece of cardboard, being sure that all of the cardboard is covered. When the glue dries, frame the collage.


Bracelets made from candy wrappers make fashionable art. Flatten out small candy wrappers and fold them several times lengthwise. Make a loop with the wrapper and use tape to secure it. Loop together several wrappers to make a chain bracelet. The candy wrappers can also be braided together to make a braided bracelet.


Candy wrappers make ideal material for decoupaging. Iron the wrappers using low heat. Glue them onto the item you are decoupaging. Light switch plates, flower pots and picture frames are just a few common items that can be decoupaged. Use a pattern or just place the wrappers on randomly. Apply a layer of découpage sealer and let dry.


One way to recycle candy wrappers is to create bookmarks. Flatten out a chocolate bar wrapper or any other long candy wrapper. Fold the wrapper in half lengthwise and tape the back. Make a hole in the top with a hole punch and attach a tassel. Use bells and charms as a decorative touch.

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