Plastic Aprons for Kids

Updated July 20, 2017

Kids' aprons are more than just a way to make your little chef's clothing last another day unscathed. Although aprons do keep children's clothes clean while they dabble in the sometimes messy culinary arts, such as cake making, kids also wear them to have fun and to feel like a professional chef while helping out in the kitchen. One of several types of aprons available for kids, and the easiest to clean, is plastic aprons.


When purchasing plastic aprons for kids, take the quality of the plastic into consideration. Several types of plastic are used to make plastic aprons, including polythene; PVC, or vinyl; and PP, which is polpropylene. PP, a non-woven plastic material, is the sturdiest and thickest of the plastics used in aprons. Some come laminated, offering an extra protective coating. Plastic renders the aprons resistant to wear and tear, as well as stains, regardless of which plastic is used.


Plastic aprons for children should be small enough to fit their small builds. Specific sizes for aprons usually range from as small as 18 inches wide by 24 inches long to as big as 24 inches wide by 42 inches long. If you purchase aprons and find that they are too large for your child, use scissors to trim off excess material so the apron is the right size.

Colour and Design

Many plastic aprons come in clear or solid white. If you find solid white too plain, children can decorate their aprons with acrylic paints to make them look more appealing. You might also be able to find aprons in different colours.


Plastic aprons are available in disposable or reuse forms. The kind that you reuse tend to be made of sturdier materials and are more resistant to chemicals or anything else that might come into contact with them, including food particles, mixtures and coloured or acidic liquids.


Because they are made out of plastic, plastic aprons tend to be more affordable than those made of cotton. The cost of aprons varies according to where you buy them. Some places sell them for as low as 10p per apron, while others sell them in packs of six to 10, ranging between £3 and £6.


Look for aprons that have stitched ties and strings that hold the apron in place on your child's body, as well as plenty of slack. Cut off extra string if excess hangs.

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