Ideas for a spare bedroom and work room

Updated February 21, 2017

In between visits from guests, a spare bedroom often sits unused. When you want to make the most of the space in your home, create a spare bedroom design that can double as a work room. Choose furniture and storage solutions that will accommodate your projects without making guests feel as though they are intruding on your work space.

Convertible Bed

A bed often takes up most of the space in a spare bedroom. To make your room more work-friendly, use a convertible bed. Look for a convertible sofa, a futon or a sofabed, any of which can all fold out into a full-size bed when company is in town. Choose a bed option that is comfortable and well-cushioned so guests do not feel the springs or bars. When you are not entertaining, you can use the bed as a seating area.

Fold-Out Work Space

One of the challenges in a work room that doubles as a spare bedroom is counter space to work on projects. Instead of cluttering up the room with a large table, use a simple fold-out system to make the most of your space. Start with a piece of wood and cut it to a size that will work for your table. Paint one side with a non-scratch paint for your workspace and cover the other in a decorative material, mural or pattern. Attach the piece to the wall with heavy-duty hinges so that, when it is folded out, the work top faces the ceiling. When you want to turn the work room back into a bedroom, simply fold up the board so the decorated side faces out and attach it with hooks to the wall.

Concealed Storage

As you are planning your work room and guest room, look for storage options that will hide your supplies from view and provide guests with a place to store their belongings. If you have a closet, use hanging organisers to hold your materials and leave space for clothes. In a room with a very small closet, you might install shelves along the ceiling or add a low-profile cabinet to create storage without adding clutter to the room.

Double-Duty Computer

If you are using your spare bedroom for professional work, a computer is often a necessity. Instead of trying to hide it away when guests come, use it for their comfort and convenience. Attach a streaming video or television account to the computer so guests can use it to watch shows and be sure it is connected to the Internet. Choose a low-profile computer desk that won't take up too much space and find a chair that pushes under the desk. You will be able to work and visitors will enjoy the opportunity to catch up on their entertainment or communication.

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