Pebble Rock Ideas for a Reception Centerpiece

Updated April 17, 2017

Creatively combine pebble rocks with other materials to prepare a simple, stylish or elaborate centrepiece. Whether you are hosting a reception for a wedding, birthday or anniversary party, use your imagination to create unique pebble centrepieces that impress your guests. Pebble rock centrepieces are inexpensive and easy to create; you can either make them at home or share your ideas with a crafts service provider who will design and produce them.

Pebble Rock Holders

Create an eye-catching centrepiece by using pebble rocks as holders for candles and flowers. Arrange and stack two or three layers of pebbles in a circular or square design on a tray. Place either a flower, candle or fruit in the centre of the stacked pebbles to produce an attractive centrepiece display. Ensure that the colour of the pebbles and other items placed in the centrepiece complement the overall design theme of the occasion. If you're planning on a romantic-themed reception, for example, consider using black- or white-coloured pebble rocks and placing red or pink candles or roses in the centre.

Photo Frames

If you are holding a reception where you'd like to give guests a memento or favour from the event, create pebble-encrusted photo frame centrepieces. To make, simply glue small, smooth or rough-edged pebble rocks onto a wide photo frame. Ensure that the colours of the pebbles match the theme colour of your celebration. Accentuate the photo frame centrepiece on a table by propping the frame up against an item that matches your theme; for instance, if the reception's theme is tropical, let the photo frame rest against a vase filled with tropical fruits such as mangoes or papayas. In addition to serving as an interesting centrepiece, your pebble-encrusted photo frame can double as a giveaway and a table placeholder.

Customised Themes

Let you imagination take over if you're planning a themed event, such as a beach or riverside reception. To begin, place pebbles in a wide glass bowl and pour blue coloured water over them. For variety, add themed floating candles to complete the centrepiece; for example, starfish-shaped candles would be appropriate for an ocean theme, while flipflop-shaped floating candles complement a beach theme. Create your own variation of this idea by adding seashells, sea urchins, starfish, castles and similar underwater items to the bowl.

Zen-Inspired Designs

Put your guests in a relaxed mood with a Zen-inspired centrepiece. Fill rectangular-shaped, hollow glass or wooden trays with sand, and arrange small pebble rocks and driftwood pieces over the sand. Set a pair of wooden chopsticks next to each tray to encourage your guests to draw patterns in the sand. Build upon this idea with a pebble-encased, terra cotta pot centrepiece. Glue pebbles to the front of terra cotta pots in a spiral design. Fill the pot with sand and decorate the top with painted twigs and reindeer moss.

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