Flowers for Hanging Baskets

Updated February 21, 2017

Hanging baskets add vertical colour to a patio, garden and landscape. Select flowers for hanging baskets that cascade over the sides of the basket to create a display of colour. Annual flowers are the most common choices for hanging baskets. Plant the flowers after all threat of frost has passed for colour throughout the spring and summer.

Wave Petunias

Wave petunias have ruffled, wavy petals grow on trailing vines in shades of red, white, pink, blue, purple and variegated combinations. Wave petunias need at least six hours of sunlight daily and liquid fertiliser every 10 to 14 days.


Plant a hanging basket full of impatiens to hang in shady areas of your garden. These low-maintenance flowers bloom profusely through the summer until the first frost. Deadheading is not necessary but an occasional trim keeps the plant shapely. Impatiens enjoys morning sun and moist soil.

Million Bells

Select varieties of million bells (Calibrachoa) will cascade over a hanging basket. Terra cotta, cherry pink and yellow varieties have trailing flowers that bloom from spring to fall. Hummingbirds are particularly fond of million bells. Million bells prefer partial to full sun, does not need deadheading and grows in a mounded shape before spilling over the container.

Trailing Verbena

Trailing verbena blooms from spring to fall and cascades over hanging baskets. Colour varieties include purple, red, pink and white. Deadheading spent flowers keeps the plants healthy and attractive. Hang baskets of trailing verbena in areas receiving full to partial sun.

Trailing Sweet Pea

Hanging baskets filled with trailing sweet pea bloom during the cooler months of spring, late summer and early fall. Hang sweet pea baskets in full sun to partial shade and keep the soil moist. Flower blossoms are lightly fragrant in colours that include pink, white, cherry, lavender, violet, purple, deep red and mauve.

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